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  1. ThePinkZeppelin

    ThePinkZeppelin One Of These Days...

    Does anyone know wot the amp settings are for Another Brick In The Wall Part II? I just can't get the right sound however much i fiddle. The rest of the album is fine but it's just that song it's annoying. Thanx for any help.
  2. Axe victim

    Axe victim grumpy old git!! Former APFFN Mod

    My amp goes up to 11 which is really loud...most only go up to 10...I had it specially made so it would go up to 11...try 11
  3. Ian Bowkett

    Ian Bowkett APFFN New Member

    You're probably going to find it pretty hard to get the exact same sound if you're just using a guitar and amp. David Gilmour notoriously used many effects. The Wall has a lot of flanging etc on it so you may want to invest in some sort of effects processor. If you want that solo tone the actual guitar being used is a P-90 equipped Les Paul, as far as I'm aware. To do it cheaply use some random effects, your neck pickup and very little tone on your knob.


    This site has exact details on how to get most of his sounds, try it, it's very fun.
  4. ThePinkZeppelin

    ThePinkZeppelin One Of These Days...

    Thank you Ian Bowkett thats exactly what I was looking for.
  5. tore

    tore APFFN New Member

    been watching a little too much Spinal Tap?
  6. Axe victim

    Axe victim grumpy old git!! Former APFFN Mod

    10 points to you tore...I was watching the movie again, and I couldn't resist it! Thankfully there also clever chaps like Ian, who can provide a serious answer to Pink Zep's question.
  7. Botley

    Botley Hit it, Rog! Former APFFN Mod

    When you're at 10, where can you go from there? Where? Nowhere, exactly. So when we need that extra push... off the cliff...
  8. Sideshow Ben

    Sideshow Ben APFFN New Member

    Why cant you make 10 the push and make that the highest?
  9. Botley

    Botley Hit it, Rog! Former APFFN Mod

    Because... this one goes to 11.
  10. gitRhero

    gitRhero APFFN New Member

    Try playing it in Dubly.
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