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    What is it?

    "Dark Side of the Rainbow", "Dark Side of Oz" or "The Wizard of Floyd" is the film "The Wizard of Oz" (1939, MGM Studios) played to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album.

    You can have an idea of what "The Dark Side of the Rainbow" feels like by clicking the link below:

    For more information on synchronicities between Pink Floyd music and films, please visit "Pink Floyd Synchronicities - A Brief Introduction".

    What do I need?

    Video: "The Wizard of Oz" (1939, MGM Studios), based on the book by Frank L. Baum. Some people prefer the pre-1989 recorded version (which presents Kansas in Black & White instead of Sepia, like the newer versions, and has additional 1 ½ and 3 second cuts in the beginning and end of the Munchkinland scenes). If you can't find this old version, you can simulate this additional cuts: just pause "The Dark Side of the Moon" for about 1 ½ seconds at the end of "The Great Gig in the Sky" and also for 3 seconds at the end of "Us and Them".

    Some people also suggest trying the synch with the original 1923 "The Wizard of Oz" silent version, starring Larry Semon, Oliver Hardy and Dorothy Dwan.

    Audio: "The Dark Side of the Moon" (the suggested version for the newer Sepia "Wizard of Oz" is the digitally remastered and repackaged version with the solid prism on the cover instead of the original version, with the hollow prism, that should be preferred only if you are going to use the old black & white Wizard of Oz version), that may be followed by "Wish You Were Here" or by "Animals" (and then by "Meddle" or "The Wall"), if chosen.
    How to start the synch?

    There are many ways to synchronize "The Dark Side of the Moon" with "The Wizard of Oz". Some people have used the live version of "The Dark Side of the Moon" from "Pulse", but the results are not as good. Be sure to turn the TV volume way down. If you have the option, turn the closed caption or subtitles on, so you can follow the dialogues and the plot of the film. This is specially interesting if you're not very familiar with the movie.

    The Third Roar Theory:

    This was the first theory to show up, and then people started experimenting and found out other ways to synch this movie with the Pink Floyd album, as you'll see below.

    Pause "The Dark Side of the Moon" on track 1.

    After putting in "The Wizard of Oz", wait until the MGM lion logo appears on the video.

    When the lion roars for the THIRD time, unpause "The Dark Side of the Moon" (this is more easily accomplished if you're using a CD).

    You can double-check if you got it right with this points: 1) the Mervyn LeRoy credit should fade in while there's a sudden transition in the Dark Side of the Moon (between "Speak to Me" and "Breathe"); 2) Gulch will appear for the first time, in her bike, at the beginning of the bells in "Time"; 3) The interior of the farmhouse after Gulch's arrival begins with the first chord of "Time".

    The First Roar Theory

    As the name suggests, you should start "The Dark Side of the Moon" when the lion roars for the first time.

    The Second Roar Theory

    As the name suggests, in this version you should start "The Dark Side of the Moon" when the lion roars for the second time.

    Fade to Black Theory

    According to this theory, you should start "The Dark Side of the Moon" not immediately after the lion's third roar, but after the lion fades to black, so the CD will start to play exactly when the film starts.

    What to expect?

    Some lyrics that relate really well with what is happening on the screen and shifts in the music that match scene transitions. Some of special notice are: "The Great Gig in the Sky" plays exactly as the tornado comes into the screen; "Money" starts when Dorothy steps out of her house into the colorful Oz; In "Us & Them", as the lyrics says "which is which", the witch appears; in the same song, during the lyrics "black... black... black" the scene is on the witch, during "blue... blue... blue" it is on Dorothy's - notice their clothing; "Brain Damage" plays during the scene with the scarecrow and Dorothy. For a more complete list of what to look for, check out Shawn Hare's Definitive List or the Ultimate Pink Floyd Synchronicities's list.

    What happens when the album ends?

    "The Dark Side of the Moon" is not as long as the film, so it should end as the Tinman's missing heart is filled with the ending heartbeat found in the album.

    Repeat the disc

    This is the easiest way to follow the ending of the disc: just repeat it (this is specially nice if you have a CD player with the repeat function because you won't even need to go press Play or to switch discs). The disc should play about one and a half times before the film ends. The synchronicities in the second and third runs are much sparser than in the first run, though.

    Animals and Meddle

    Put "Animals" when The Dark Side of the Moon ends, and let it play to the end as well. Then, program "Meddle" to play tracks two through five. The film should end when the song Seamus is playing.

    Animals and The Wall

    This is similar to the theory above, but instead of following Animals with Meddle, you should put the first disc of the double album "The Wall".

    Wish You Were Here

    According to this theory, after The Dark Side of the Moon ends, you should put "Wish You Were Here and let it play all the way through.





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