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  1. pandakat

    pandakat APFFN New Member

    I don't understand in the movie, what the hammers symbolize. Also, I don't understanding, why are all the kids picking up pieces of the wall? is it becuase they'll use it to build their own wall? lemme know what you think, thanks.
  2. floydphreak

    floydphreak I dont think you unworthy

    Hey pandakat! My opinion on the hammers is that they symbolize Pink hammering down (stamping out?) people who are "lesser" than him. Like the Nazi's did to the Jewish people during the Holocaust. And as for the kids... I think you have the right idea. They probably were building their own walls.
  3. pandakat

    pandakat APFFN New Member

    yeah that would make sense.
  4. The Piper

    The Piper Administrator Staff Member Your APFFN host

    I just came by this thread, which I thought was interesting and relatively unexplored.

    It seems some people think they represent either "soldiers being used as tools by those in power" or "oppression by the use of military power" (from Yahoo Answers).

    The Pink Floyd The Wall: A Complete Analysis FAQ has a more through answer:
    So... what do you think the hammers in the Pink Floyd The Wall movie mean?
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