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  1. Reco Ignishon

    Reco Ignishon APFFN New Member

    I just recently read about how Jimmy Page is a student of Aleister Crowley's teachings, i had heard a little about how he owned his Loch Ness estate (The Boleskine House) and thought it was interesting but i never delved deeper. He owns the world's second largest collection of Crowley's work.
    Do any of you have any other light to shed on this subject?
    Does this change your perspective of him as a musician/person?

    "The way he's been behaving is totally contradictory to the teachings of Aleister Crowley and totally contradictory to the ethos of the film. Lucifer is the angel of light and beauty. But the vibes that come off Jimmy are totally alien to that-and to human contact. It's like a bleak lunar landscape. By comparison, Lucifer is like a field full of beautiful flowers-although there may be a few bumble bees waiting to sting you if you are not careful. I'm beginning to think Jimmy's dried up as a musician. He's got no themes, no inspiration, no melodies to offer. I'm sure he doesn't have another "Stairway to Heaven", which is his most Luciferian song. "Presence" was very much a downer album . In the first place his commitment to Lucifer' seemed to be totally serious, and he was very enthusiastic about the project. On the other hand he's very into enterprise and hard work. But on the other hand he has this problem dragging him down. He's been acting like Jekyll & Hyde, and I have to have someone who's 100%. This film is my life's work."
    -Kenneth Anger (fellow Crowley student and practicing Magus, he was the director of the movie Lucifer Rising in which Page was meant to be doing the soundtrack.)

    also, Crowley's face is on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, just a little random fact i guess...
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2005
  2. Davros

    Davros Batteries not Included

    I'm not phased that he did that.
    He's Jimmy Paige, he can do whatever he wants cause he's Jimmy Paige.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2005
  3. usandthem

    usandthem Wasted Away Again

    damn straight.
  4. WatersWannabe

    WatersWannabe APFFN New Member

    Ya i heard about this and hey u prolly have to sell ur soul to satan to play like that
  5. Botley

    Botley Hit it, Rog! Former APFFN Mod

    Presence is a bit of a downer, sure, but it's still a fecking good album nonetheless.
  6. Davros

    Davros Batteries not Included

    Very, very true.
  7. nutopia

    nutopia APFFN New Member

    bluesman robert johnson sold his soul at the crossroads..
  8. Simon

    Simon APFFN New Member

    Jimmy Page was not a Satanist.

    I think Page himself has refuted this claim...
  9. Reco Ignishon

    Reco Ignishon APFFN New Member

    Maybe satanist is too strong of a word, but he doesnt hide his overwhelming interest in Crowley
  10. CerpinTaxt

    CerpinTaxt User banned from APFFN

    I've read about that before.

    It's just one of those Rock N' Roll myths. Like you know how people say Elton John is gay? It's all a lie.
  11. Botley

    Botley Hit it, Rog! Former APFFN Mod

    "I'm a closet hetereosexual."
    --David Bowie
  12. littlerocker10

    littlerocker10 APFFN New Member

  13. littlerocker10

    littlerocker10 APFFN New Member

    also of coures he is just play stare way to heven backwords.:lol: :angel2: :devil:
  14. Botley

    Botley Hit it, Rog! Former APFFN Mod

  15. Random Precision

    Random Precision Steechy Balboas alter ego

    man, how i hate led zeppelin. is there anybody in the world who is on my side? i think im the only one
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