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    Hello one and all,

    I read with great interest the thread regarding Rachel Fury. I couldn't agree more with the various postings. I admit I am at a bit of a loss that there is nearly no information on the web or elsewhere regarding Rachel's counterpart Margret Taylor.

    Maybe I'm just a strange fellow who has spent too much time at high altitudes here in Colorado, but I think Ms. Taylor is worthy of as much attention as Rachel. Or, am I just suffering from cerebral hypoxia?

    I look forward to reading what others have to say!

    Stay Golden,
  2. docdar

    docdar APFFN New Member

    Margaret Taylor

    Was she the singer on the left side (looking at them) in DSoT concert. If so, I agree with you whole heartedly. Also found plenty of stuff on www about Rachel Fury and Durga McBroom.
    Would like to see any info/pics if posssible.

  3. Driven

    Driven Captain Avatar

    She wasn't / isn't as attractive as Rachel Fury (in my opinion)...but her part in Great Gig was the most impressive I have EVER seen (blows yer socks off really).

    Apparently she has changed her name from Margret to Machun. Try a search for that.
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