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  1. Dr_Floydian

    Dr_Floydian APFFN New Member

    greetings all. i've been coming to this site since 99 but i never registered. now i did... ANYWAYS.

    one of my fav songs by the all mighty Pink Floyd is Echoes.
    i've always tried to understand the meaning behind all their songs. BUT i cant seem to understand Echoes. i know it has something to do with the ocean..... but thats all i can come up with... what do u think?!

    by the way i play bass in a band and i'm following roger waters (who i met when he came to perform here in Lebanon back in April) style.... i'm writing the lyrics and i'm also on vocals. anyways enough boring u guys.

    C ya! :headbang:
  2. sarah goode

    sarah goode heroes for ghosts

    I think the song is about life.

    Bride of a Bull should be here soon to give you the official welcome.:wave:
  3. cho.manno

    cho.manno C'mon baby light my fart

    First of all: welcome! :cheers:

    Agree with sarah goode. Echoes is mainly a song about the beautiful details of a life which we don't even notice sometimes.
  4. Bride of a Bull

    Bride of a Bull THIS, I don't need I support APFFN Former APFFN Mod

    No need for my welcome, and hardly official, since both yours fit the bill quite nicely. :)

    And as Dr_Floydian said, he's/she's been visiting this site since 1999, so knows well enough how things work.

    :wave: anyway.
  5. Bride of a Bull

    Bride of a Bull THIS, I don't need I support APFFN Former APFFN Mod

    Oh yeah, The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia says about Echoes:

    About origin, self, and identity.
  6. Dr_Floydian

    Dr_Floydian APFFN New Member

    wow.... i already feel like i'm home! :cool:

    i got to get my hands on that Pink Floyd Encylopeadia...

    well i can understand that the song has something to do with identity... but what about all the refrences to the sea? (coral caves, albattrosses, sumbarine, green, rolling waves)

    if i combine the idea of identity and the sea... we get this:

    it's something (i dunno... a creature or whatever, just work with me here) thats trapped underwater... and tries to break out... u know... like no one showed it to the land (never got out of the ocean?) no one knows the wheres or whys (again "it" never got out) but they try to get out... by starting to climb (swim?) towards the light....

    ok this is pretty deep but is there a connection?!
  7. Bride of a Bull

    Bride of a Bull THIS, I don't need I support APFFN Former APFFN Mod

    Yeah, how about the point at which our marine ancestors decided, enough with the bloody sharks and other assorted predators - but mainly the sharks - let's get onto some dry ground and try out this air breathing malarky.

    Lungfish. :bonk:
  8. In the Flesh?

    In the Flesh? APFFN New Member

    I just always thought it was about a dream. The "jamming" part is the nice part of the dream and then the part with all those squealing guitars is the nightmarish part, and then he wakes up with the last verse.

    But I'm just an idiot.:frosty: Isn't that a funny little smiley? It has nothing to do with anything... But look at 'im go!
  9. Not Now John

    Not Now John APFFanatic! I support APFFN

    Hello, and welcome just from the south of you (Lancaster--hmm one from Lanc, Leb and York, quite odd). But anyway, I always thought the lyrics meant nothing, just something to add to the music, but not really making sense.
  10. sarah goode

    sarah goode heroes for ghosts

    Return to the sun of NOTHING?
  11. unclezoso

    unclezoso APFFN New Member

    It's about evolution and meaning of life. The first verse is about past, origin of humans. The second is about present and the third verse is about future, when mankind finds out the the meaning of life. :angel: Best lyrics ever
  12. Dr_Floydian

    Dr_Floydian APFFN New Member

    this reply goes to Not Now John. well i'm not from Lebanon, PA...
    i'm from Lebanon ... the country above israel. i'm from the Middle east... that means i'm arab.
  13. Bride of a Bull

    Bride of a Bull THIS, I don't need I support APFFN Former APFFN Mod

    Well now, that's not necessarily true is it, Dr_Floydian? ;)
  14. Not Now John

    Not Now John APFFanatic! I support APFFN

    My apologies.
  15. The Piper

    The Piper Administrator Staff Member Your APFFN host

    Early/Original Echoes Lyrics

    The original/early lyrics for "Echoes" were pretty different than the final version, and might clarify things a bit. Here are a few versions of it:
    Things in between {} are pretty garbled in the original recordings...

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