Pink Floyd - The Household Objects Project (Oct-Dec 1973)

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    After the huge success of The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd was unsure about how to top that record's huge popularity. They decided, then, to return to their experimental beginnings by trying to create an entire album using only sounds produced by common household objects, thus the name "Household Objects" project.

    Roger Waters had done something similar in Music from the Body (1970), in which he used sounds produced by the human body.

    Their unconventional instruments in the Household Objects project consisted of old hand mixers, aerosol spray cans, rubber bands stretched between two tables, tape, wine glasses and bottles, and others.

    The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia lists 1-4, 8-10 and 22-31 October; 12-14,19-21 and 26-28 November; 3-5 December 1973 as the recording dates.

    However, the project was soon abandoned, after the band decided that is was just easier and better to play the songs on actual musical instruments. Although some sources report that they managed to get three songs recorded before giving up on the project as “a bit daft", no finished recordings of these sessions exist. Some of the recorded effects (the wine glass sounds) were put to use on Wish You Were Here, in the beginning of Shine on You Crazy Diamond.

    "Almost everything we've ever recorded in a studio has been extracted by someone at some point and subsequently bootlegged. However, no such recordings exist of the 'Household Objects' tapes for the simple reason that we never managed to produce any actual music. All the time we devoted to the project was spent exploring the non-musical sounds, and the most we ever achieved was a small number of tentative rhythm tracks." - Nick Mason, Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd
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