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  1. Driven

    Driven Captain Avatar

    Does anyone else have a soft spot for Rachel Fury (who provided backing vocals on the Delicate Sound Tour).

    Besides being an amazingly attractive Lady, her performance in Great Gig in The Sky never fails to place me in that wonderful world of tingly spine chills that only a great song can. (Confortably Numb Solo from Delicate Sound also does that BTW).

    Am I on my own on this one???
  2. stratman

    stratman Thought Criminal #1 I support APFFN

    You are not alone.

    I've been in love with Rachael ever since I bought the DSoT video way back when.....:heart:
  3. Driven

    Driven Captain Avatar


    I think that was one of my first posts..."way back when" indeed.

    I had come to the conclusion a long time ago that I WAS on my own.

    The long wait is over...I feel free.

    I still love little Rachel.
  4. mad yannis

    mad yannis Darth Yannis

    Ooooh I missed this thread just because I wasn't here yet!
    I absolutely LOVE Rachel Fury. :D

    PS: Rachel, if you read this one, please PM me, OK?
  5. terminalfrost

    terminalfrost APFFN Wizard

    I'm with you, Pete!

    Several great scenes from DSoT, and her voice is just astounding.

    Wonder what she's up to these days? Too bad she didn't sing on David's recent gigs...

  6. Driven

    Driven Captain Avatar

    No no...PM me Rachel. I started the damn thread.

    Yeah TF...it's a pity her pretty face never appeared again after DSoT.

    BTW...you saw the Momentary Lapse tour didn't you? What did she sound like "in the flesh"?
  7. stratman

    stratman Thought Criminal #1 I support APFFN

    I, too, was disappointed she never appeared on P U L S E or at Knebworth. :(
  8. terminalfrost

    terminalfrost APFFN Wizard

    Well, the entire band sounded great...it was such a treat to be there. I think the backup singers sounded much better on the Momentary Lapse tour than on the Division Bell tour. I think Rachel had a good bit to do with that - although we were so f***in' far away in the stadium, it was hard to make out much.

    Actually, I thought the entire band, including David, sounded better on the 87/88 tour than the 94/95 tour. Which is one reason I'm partial to DS0T over Pulse.

  9. Driven

    Driven Captain Avatar

    Actually you're not the first person I've heard say that.
  10. terminalfrost

    terminalfrost APFFN Wizard


    That the band sounded better in 87/88 than 94/95?


    That I was way back in the stadium? (We were only two of 65,000+ at Foxboro Stadium) Roger complains that he lost touch with the audience in stadiums...what about the fans? I could barely make out BDG on stage...

  11. Driven

    Driven Captain Avatar

    That the 87/88 tour was better.

    I have always thought DSoT sounds more like they are interested in what they're playing...PULSE has always sounded a little...well...like they're bored with the whole thing.

    Anyways...I still love Rachel...god bless 'er.
    DarkSideFreak likes this.
  12. terminalfrost

    terminalfrost APFFN Wizard

    Yeah...a listen to Time and CN (among others) from DSoT and Pulse proves that.

    As far as Rachel goes...I'm with you on that one. I think I'll do a quick Google search on Ms. Fury and see what cyberspace brings to my screen...

  13. terminalfrost

    terminalfrost APFFN Wizard

    Post Google search...

    A couple of things I learned from the various Rachel Fury sites:

    1) She seems to have dropped out of sight. 1995 is the last reference I can find to any of her work

    2) One site seems to imply 'improper sexual relations' (to borrow a quote from Bill Clinton) between BDG and Rachel during the AMLOR tour, before his divorce. Was that your site I got that from, GW#!?

    Anyone know more?

  14. Driven

    Driven Captain Avatar

    There's one or two scenes on DSoT where there's an implication of "improper sexual relations".

    1) Comfy Numb solo gets an approving nod from Rachel

    2) Run Like Hell, there's a somewhat suggestive exchange of smiles

    I think that's where the rumour comes from. Either way...I'm bloody jealous of BDG.
  15. terminalfrost

    terminalfrost APFFN Wizard

    And don't forget about the "Rachel-blown-kiss" during the middle jams part of Money...


    (p.s. I noticed that we yanks didn't take the u out of jealous...)
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