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  1. lboston

    lboston APFFN New Member

    I think it is a phenomenal film. Just curious as to what your thoughts are to what it is about. How do all the songs from the album tie in to create that storyline?
    I'm not quite sure my interpretation is correct.
    Thanks guys
  2. luke007

    luke007 APFFN New Member

    I just saw the movie recently and only one time so far. Well, of course it's about a rockstar pink who is depressed from his father's death as a young child and the fact that his wife left him, and he has had too much dope. So, he locks himself up in a hotel room and goes crazy. But the end confuses me. I have no idea what happens to pink. The kids at the end, what does that mean? I would like for someone to please explain the end of the movie to me.
  3. Organ Grinder

    Organ Grinder APFFN New Member

    The movie, in a way, is a combination of Roger Waters and Syd Barett's life story.
    The drug part is Syd's.
  4. lboston

    lboston APFFN New Member

    so "the wall" is in fact his emotional wall...?

    his father died in the war, no?
  5. Bride of a Bull

    Bride of a Bull THIS, I don't need I support APFFN Former APFFN Mod

    In part about his father and war and politics, but perhaps also the wall Roger (and thus, other pop icons/celebrities) came to build between himself and stadium-sized audiences to their mutual disadvantage.
  6. b17

    b17 APFFN New Member

    the part at the end is showing how much of a cycle it is, the kids are picking up pieces of the wall to use in their own walls that they may put up when they are older.
    the movie is incredibly good at all the secret message stuff, im still trying to figure out most of the stuff ( for instance the young pink running across the rugby field all the time ) and also trying 2 figure out why run like hell was shortened :sad:
    but thats just silly, and also wat it would have been like if they had used wat they had originally intended to do, by tieing in the live footage of the wall withe the film, but now im rambling so so long for now....
  7. A Talking Head

    A Talking Head APFFN New Member

    Well, the album "The Wall" is about this guy and his dad died in World War II, he had an overprotective mother, a really rough time in school, and a cheating wife. And each of these things formed a sort of metaphorical brick in this metaphorical wall that shielded his feelings from everyone. Then he becomes a musician, becomes famous, and from the pressure, turns to drugs. The parts about the man's father dying in World War II, and the rough child hood, Roger has said, are "sort of autobiographical", and the part about the pressures from the life of stardom and drug use, is based loosely on Syd Barrett's experiences. In "The Trial", all of his feelings and pain confront the man, and his wall is torn down.
    --Bud Sturguess
  8. Organ Grinder

    Organ Grinder APFFN New Member

    I don't really think Roger gives a rat's ass about any other rockstar.
  9. A Talking Head

    A Talking Head APFFN New Member

    ...besides Syd, right?
  10. Organ Grinder

    Organ Grinder APFFN New Member

    Well, who knows what he thinks about that. I'm sure he does though.
  11. A Talking Head

    A Talking Head APFFN New Member

    Then there's the movie, "Pink Floyd: The Wall." It follows the same concept as the album, but it revolves around a rock star, Pink. According to actor and Live AID organizer Bob Geldof, who played the character Pink in the film, "The guy's a pop singer and there it ends." The pressures have gotten to him, and, in his lonely hotel room, he dwells on all of that painful stuff.
  12. Organ Grinder

    Organ Grinder APFFN New Member

    It's about 90 min.
  13. fixxlevy

    fixxlevy A middle of the road type Former APFFN Mod

    Damn you! Beat me to it!


  14. Lucifer Sam

    Lucifer Sam APFFN New Member

    I still didnt understand some parts though, for example the rat he found and tried taking care of or to why he shaved his eyebrows, chest.

    I am really confused to why he is speaking to all the people as some "army leader" if you will and then their faces turn to pigs faces. Thats weird.

    I thought the part where the teacher goes "Poems, everyone" and reads some lyrics from Money, was kind of foreshadowing of him being fed up with the "society".

    The movie is weird, and thats the end of it, who knows how to fully explain it?
  15. _archer

    _archer APFFN New Member

    I think that Egeunesaxe is right, about the story being a mix of waters and Barret's Life.
    But as for the wall concept, It's a dual.
    On the first hand, It's like a big machine - "You're just another brick in the wall", on the matter of "another Screw in the system" or "just a pawn in game of life".

    and the depressing system builds the wall.
    even his mother, who sleeps with him:
    "Of course Mother's gonna help build the wall".

    On the Other hand, the wall could be counted as a barrier, which stops him to achieve what he most wishes.
    "OOOHHH babe, Wanne pick up the phone.
    There's still Nobody Home..."
    and as for the end, It's not clear.
    He Either wakes up from a bad dream or finds a revelation in his own world.
    But what is Clear that the wall WAS broken.

    This Movie also deals with the harsh Education sysem that used to be in the UK, that Brutally depressed the pupils and used Violence as a day to day manner.
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